Note relating to SIRTA data to maintain the integrity of the SIRTA data base and to ensure its perenniality:

  • SIRTA data are accessible freely and free of cost, for public research and teaching applications.
  • SIRTA data should only be distributed through SIRTA ftp and web access. SIRTA data not available online can be distributed by SIRTA instrument PIs.
  • Distribution of SIRTA data by third parties is prohibited.
  • The users of SIRTA data must verify that the data they are using is intended for publication; refer to the advice of instrument PIs.
  • The source of SIRTA data used in the framework of a publication must be mentioned in an explicit way in the acknowledgment section by a sentence of the type:

The authors would like to acknowledge SIRTA for providing the lidar data used in this study

  • When mentioning or describing the SIRTA observatory in a publication, use the following reference: (Haeffelin et al., 2005) 1
  • For the use of SIRTA data requiring a specific interpretation work and discussions essential to the exploitation of the data, it is required that relevant instrument PIs be proposed co-authorship in related publications.
  • The use of data, in synergy with SIRTA data, originating from another organization (e.g. Meteo-France, AERONET, etc…) requires specific mention of that source of data.

1Haeffelin, M., L. Barthès, O. Bock, C. Boitel, S. Bony, D. Bouniol, H. Chepfer, M. Chiriaco, J. Cuesta, J. Delanoë, P. Drobinski, J-L. Dufresne, C. Flamant, M. Grall, A. Hodzic, F. Hourdin, F. Lapouge, Y. Lemaître, A. Mathieu, Y. Morille, C. Naud, V. Noël, B. O’Hirok, J. Pelon, C. Pietras, A. Protat, B. Romand, G. Scialom, R. Vautard, 2005: SIRTA, a ground-based atmospheric observatory for cloud and aerosol research.” Annales Geophysicae, 23, pp 253-275